T1, T2 & T3 BGMI Customs or Scrims Discord Servers Link (Updated 2022)

BGMI is one of the most played battle-royale games today. If you’re interested in esports and competitive gaming and have got a team to play BGMI tournaments then you might be looking for T1, T2, or T2 BGMI Customs or Scrims discord servers

If yes, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Today I’m going to provide you with a list of 25+ BGMI Customs or Scrims discord servers where you can participate in the tournament and have fun, competitive matches.

What are BGMI Customs or Scrims?

BGMI customs are like normal classic matches that you play. However, only the players with a room ID and password can join & participate in the matches.

Scrims are practice(unranked) matches that eSports companies organize and make players play before a serious competitive match or a tournament. These matches are against other competitive players or teams who are well experienced and professional just for practice purposes.

There are 3 stages in Scrim: T1, T2, or T3. As you can already imagine, T3 is Tier 3 and has the most newbie(noob) players while the T1 has highly professional players. Once you perform better aka Extreme in lower Tiers you’ll be promoted from T3 to T2 and so on. Hence, you get to play with PRO players and if you play good you’ll be called for the tournament.

Below is the full list of BGMI Customs or Scrims (T1 + T2 + T3) Discord Servers by eSports organizers. Refer to the next section on how to join the servers and participate in Scrims.

List of BGMI Custom Room Discord Servers

There are different BGMI T1, T2, T3 Custom lobbies organized either by official or unofficial eSports organizers.

T1, T2, and T3 BGMI Scrims Discord Servers

BGMI Customs or Scrims Discord Server Organizers

How To Register & Join BGMI Customs Or Scrims?

Step #1. Join the organizer’s discord server of your choice.

Step #2. The organizer will give the customs date and time to register your team in a particular BGMI Customs or Scrims (T1, T2, or T3) discord server.

Step #3. Once you’re registered successfully, your team will get a slot number. The ID and Password of the customs will be shared 10-15 minutes before the match.

Step #4. Enter with your squad and sit on the allotted slot number.


That’s all folks, I hope you will be able to play till T1 and qualify for the best tournaments organized by official eSports partners. Also, stay updated with the registration and match details in the respective BGMI Customs or Scrims discord servers.

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