Circuit: Route & Stop Planner v0.56.1 [Pro] Download

Circuit: Route & Stop Planner v0.56.1 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Circuit takes your route, or list of stops to visit, and automatically reorders the stops to prevent backtracking and wasted miles, letting you save multiple hours everyday as you deliver up to 30% faster.


Tell Circuit where you want to start and end (like you depot, or house,) add your stops and set priorities and time windows if need be, and let Circuit do its thing.

Circuit will reorder your route’s stops into the most efficient route possible, taking into account expected traffic conditions and all the other information you’ve given it.

Once optimized, you can visit the spots one by one inside of Circuit, with a single tap opening up the address in your navigation app of choice.

Circuit provides estimated arrival times for every stop in your route. Not only that, these estimated arrival times automatically update themselves as you progress through the route, whether you’re behind or ahead the arrival times will always be accurate.

Users usually save themselves multiple hours everyday by optimising the order of the their route’s stops with Circuit, and those who pay their own fuel benefit even further.


• Speed of app improved in areas with low/no signal

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(Closed Filehost)
(Closed Filehost), Hi Balatan,

is possible to update the app to 0.71?

Many thanks in advance!, UpDate Pls Pls, Yes update please., This doesn`t work on Note 9 running Android 9.0. Trying to log in makes the screen flicker and then nothing happens. Can`t even get into the app., dude please update this app… i use it daily but ive run out of email addresses to use for the trial now lol, update v0.79.5 pls thank you, Love this app.

Another request for update.

Thank you so much!, Hi Balatan, any chance we`d get an update for this? Thank you, Bump for possible update?, Bump all links dead, Update thanks for the link, Dear Mr Balatan
Would it be possible to update to latest version.
Would appreciate, as i always do for the work you’re doing.
Kind regards, Update for links please, any chance for update

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