How to Enable 60 FPS in BGMI in Low-End Devices

If you guys face FPS Drops while playing BGMI on your Phone, then this article is for you today I will show you How to Enable 60 FPS in BGMI.

What is FPS in BGMI ?

FPS stands for Frames Per Second so when you play any game it’s measured by FPS and it mainly depends on the hardware that’s why when we play BGMI in a high setting on low-end devices it’s lag.

In BGMI the last option in the graphics setting is Extreme and this is the only option in which you can play BGMI in 60 FPS. But sad to say that it is mostly disabled on low-end devices. So to Enable 60 FPS in BGMI Follow the Below method.

How to Enable 60 FPS in BGMI ?

  1. Download the PGT+ GFX Tool From Google Play Store.
  2. Open the App and change the setting that I have provided you Below.
  3. Hurray! You have Unlocked a Extreme Option in Graphics and can enjoy the BGMI in 60 Fps.

Best Setting For GFX Tool to Enable 60 FPS

Select Version1.5 (BGMI)
Resolution1024 x 576
Graphics Smooth
Anti – AliasingDisable
Rendering Quality Low
Light EffectDisable
GPU OptimizationDisable
Water ReflectionDisable
Save ControlsEnable

TOP Players of BGMI in 2022

Change the GFX Tool Setting to the above setting and don’t change the other default settings. Once the setting is saved click on Accept and Run the Game.

enable 60 fps in BGMI

Now BGMI will Open and you can see the settings there EXTREME Feature will be Unlocked.

Is GFX Tool is Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe to use because it doesn’t collect any of your personal information.


I hope you have followed the above method to enable 60 fps in BGMI if you are still getting any problems then you can comment down your problem we will do our best to solve it.

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