Swapper – ROOT v1.3.1 build 231 [Premium Mod Lite] Download

Swapper – ROOT v1.3.1 build 231 [Premium Mod Lite]
Requirements: 4.1 to 10 | Root
Overview: Create SWAP Memory for your Android.


With Swapper, you will be able to create SWAP Memory for your Android.

Why can not I change the location of the SWAP memory for the External SD Card?
Some devices do not support changing the SWAP memory location, when this is identified, the application itself notifies and disables the function.

I created the SWAP memory, but the usage / used bar remains at 0 MB. What happened?
This means that your device has not yet needed to use SWAP Memory. Increase Priority of use , this will make Android give a greater preference to SWAP memory.

Why did not my RAM settings increase in my device settings?
The memory that is displayed in the settings of your device is Physical RAM. Because SWAP is an emulated RAM memory, it will not appear there.

Can I uninstall the application after creating SWAP memory?
No! SWAP memory depends on the application to be activated.

I created the SWAP memory but I can not delete it, what do I do?
Your Android device is probably blocking removal. Uncheck Enable SWAP when starting Android , restart the device, open the application, and try deleting SWAP memory again.

Do I need to delete SWAP memory before uninstalling the application?
Yes! If you uninstall the application without deleting the SWAP memory, it will take up space on your device.

★★★ Premium MoD Lite ★★★

● Premium Unlocked.
● Splash screen removed.
● UltraZipped & Zipaligned.
● Removed debug info.
● Custom signature.
● Fully offline.
● English Only.
● Total APK size 2.97Mb.

What’s New:
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Code: Select allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.allakore.swapper

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Trouble downloading? Read This., – Fix requirements as this won’t work on Android 11+ devices. Also root should be mentioned in requirements and not in overview. Fix that please.

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