Top BGMI Players in India 2022

BGMI – BattleGrounds Mobile India is the most popular battleground game in India and has 16 Million gamers are playing it daily. When it comes to gaming some players are so noob and some are so professional that it’s so hard to beat them. So here are some of the TOP BGMI Players in India.

List of TOP BGMI Players in India

Here are some of the Top BGMI Players in the India List.

It is a list based on Audience votes and ranking so it can be changed over time.

  • Scout
  • Jonathan Gaming
  • Mavi
  • Snax
  • Regaltos
  • Dynamo Gaming
  • Mortal
  • Antaryami Gaming
  • Ghatak
  • Bandookbaaz Gaming

1) Scout

top bgmi players in india

Tanmay Singh is also known as Scout is the most popular BGMI Player in India right now. He is 25 years old born in Valsad city of Gujarat.

BGMI ID 5277297232
Character NameTonkiroo

2) Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan Gaming is a well-known streamer on Youtube. He is popular for his 1×4 Clutches. He has more than 3.9 Million Youtube Subscribers.

3) Mavi

Mavi is a professional e-sports player and famous Indian Youtuber. He is well known for winning many PUBG Tournaments. He has over 7000 likes on its BGMI Profile.

BGMI ID 537921262
Character NameMavi

4) Snax Gaming

top bgmi player in india

Snax Gaming is a Youtube Channel run by Raj Verma who is well known for his Good Game Sense and Reflexes in BGMI. He is a popular player in an IND CLAN

BGMI ID 585127130
Character NameTeamINDSnax

5) Regaltos

top bgmi player in india

Regaltos is a Popular Youtuber and Professional E-Sports Player. He is also a member of the SOUL Clan. He has 8000 likes on its BGMI Profile.

BGMI ID  593193849
Character NameSouLReGalToS


So above are the TOP BGMI Players Right now in India according to their skills and popularity. This list can be changed over time.

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