Working Hours 4b v7.5.6 [Mod] Download

Working Hours 4b v7.5.6 [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Are you tired of always write on a piece of paper and at the end of the month to deal with the calculator? Let Working Hours 4b help you!



Are you tired of always write on a piece of paper and at the end of the month to deal with the calculator ?

Let Working Hours 4b help you !

Working Hours 4b through an easy and intuitive interface allows you to enter your work hours that may contain:
– Regular hours
– Extra: Early entry and Overtime
– Pause (paid or unpaid)
– Bonus
– Expense
– An icon and a note

You can calculate your gain:
-Biweekly – Fortnightly (14 or 15 days)
-Custom interval

With the calendar inside you can enter, edit and observe the intervals of your working hours for each month by consulting the details divided by hours and earnings:
– Regular hours
– Extra: Early entry and Overtime
– Paid pause
– Unpaid pause
– Total

Work intervals can cover a maximum of 48 hours which gives you the ability to insert both the daily hours, or night.
The application will take the responsibility to check carefully the insertion so as not to have ranges that overlap or duplicate each other.

The application contains a section for the utility that will allow you to:
– Observe the statistics for a custom range
– Export data in the form of:
*directly to email

Do you have multiple ranges that are substantially the same for different days of the week but that may change for very little? No problem :

Job profiles: Easily add more models intervals naming them differently (example: Monday, Tuesday or night shift, day) to add them easily in the desired day. The profiles are not immutable, you can change them or fix them when you are adding a new interval.

You can see your earnings or your annual hours (month to month) and monthly (daily) through the graph.

Never forget to add the worked hours!
You can choose a time and select the days of the week. The application will notify you every time!

Backup & Restore and Share:
You can backup, restore and even share data with your colleagues.

Floating badge:
Don’t you remember when you get to work? With the floating badge on your home you have the opportunity to mark the time of entry, pause, start of extra hours and insert the interval at the end of the period in which you worked.

For bugs, errors and ideas join the community:
Or send an email in the Contact section of the options!

What’s New:
# Working profiles notifications
# Gui improvements
# Preferred job for the working profiles
# Job address
# Map location picker
# Automatic extra

★★★ Premium ★★★:
Activated paid functionality
Disabled ads
Google removed the authorization at the entrance (since it does not work due to a non-original signature)
The login works from mail or from facebook, well, or anonymous
I left two languages: En / Ru

This app has NO advertisements

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Mirrors:, Thank you, there is an update 8.1.1 version. Can you update the patch please ? Tia, Update please, Thanks! Pls update, Please can you mod this app below (Timesheet v11.9.3-inApp)

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