XUMO For Android TV Free Movies & TV Shows v1.1 Build88 [Mod] Download

XUMO For Android TV Free Movies & TV Shows v1.1 Build88 [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: When you download the XUMO movie and TV app, you unlock access to 160+ channels and a huge streaming library containing thousands of Hollywood movies, 24/7 network news, popular TV shows, comprehensive sports coverage, plus family friendly and educational kids programming – all for free.





Install the XUMO app and start streaming your favorite show or explore new programs in a flash. Viewers love XUMO because we offer a fast and hassle free experience – no registration sign up or credit card is ever required to watch free TV and movies on the XUMO app.

“this is better than some of the paid streaming services. Lots of interesting channels with original content…it streams perfectly.”

Watch what you want on XUMO. Our app offers a huge and diverse selection of free movies and TV that will entertain, educate and enthrall viewers of all ages.

Stream FREE Hollywood Movies
Check out XUMO’s impressive selection of free, on-demand movies. Relax with an old time classic, a hair-raising thriller, a laugh out loud comedy, or tear- jerker drama. When you open the XUMO app, you open the doors to a film library that contains over 1,000 movie titles in every genre.

Stream FREE TV Shows, Entertainment and Lifestyle Programs
Get your shopping fix with QVC and HSN. Tune in and hear the latest celebrity gossip on People TV or TMZ. Take your culinary skills to the next level and cook along with the chefs from Food52, bon appetit or Saveur channels. And then, burn off your cooking creations with the trainers featured on the SELF or Qinetic channels.

Stream FREE Family Movies and Kids Shows
XUMO’s selection of free family movies and kid friendly TV shows are available on 13+ on-demand channels including Ameba, batteryPOP, Toon Goggles and Cool School. Animated and live-action shows, engaging games, educational content, and kid-safe radio captures the interest and imagination of toddlers to tweens.

Stream FREE News
Stay on top of the latest national headlines and world news events with 24/7 news programs from trusted networks including: NBC News, CBSN, Newsmax TV, Time, Bloomberg News, and USA Today.

Stream FREE Sports Channels
Enjoy live and on-demand game highlights, commentary and coverage on 25+ free sports channels including FOX Sports, PGA TOUR, Sports Illustrated, STADIUM, MMA Junkie and Nitro Circus, just to name just a few.

Stream FREE Comedy TV Channels
Need a laugh? Xumo has you covered with 10+ comedy channels including the wildly popular viral skits from Funny or Die and hysterical original content developed for the JASH channel by Tim & Eric, Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts.

What’s New:
VERSION 1.1 Build88 April 12, 2021
-Bug fixes

Android TV Mod Not Tested!
Does Not Work On Fire Devices

FireTV Mod Here

Will Need VPN Outside US

Mod Details By Hifi2007:
Ad breaks disabled
Receivers disabled
Analytics disabled

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Code: Select allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xumo.xumo.tv

Download Instructions: [Mod Credits Hifi2007]

http://fs13.uploadrar.com:182/d/nxss23t … ouched.apk


http://fs13.uploadrar.com:182/d/nxsse3t … fi2007.apk

Trouble downloading? Read This, Nice to see this updated. Works great on the Nvidia Shield TV., Something must have changed with XUMO.
This is now showing ads. Also tried the previous XUMO Android TV AF 1.1 Build78_Hifi2007.apk and that is now showing ads as well.,

Zandig wrote:Something must have changed with XUMO.
This is now showing ads. Also tried the previous XUMO Android TV AF 1.1 Build78_Hifi2007.apk and that is now showing ads as well.

will check it out for you might be server sided now where ads requests come from the stream itself
somebody via PM said the same thing about the firetv version
Filmzie also now does this and really nothing i can do i don’t think.
But i will recheck to see if there’s anything i can do
I have to run a VPN with XUMO because of geo-restrictions and i get no ads what so ever
so some VPN might stop the ads, I got some commercials with Live TV, but very rarely, but 0 commercials on films. Watched the other day “The Triangle” which is a mini series of 3 x 90 Minutes films. From time to time I get a small hick up, I suppose it’s where the commercials should jump in.

The geo-restrictions can be easily bypassed with a small patch. With a VPN you get some more Live TV channels., Geo restriction where not easily patched :-o …it took me a lot of trial and error and many different variants of testing apps to perfect it, So it could run without major problems on most devices.
Best Regards,, New version is out!

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